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Landing Contest

Organized By: Holladay Aviation

       Holladay Aviation is planning a landing contest for the Saturday during our Fly-In, and they have invited all of our attendees to join in on the fun! The contest will be taking place all morning, but it shouldn't have any effect on our fly-out to Saint Simon's Island. Those who would like to participate in the contest, and also attend our fly-out lunch, will be given an early time slot in the contest. Awards can be picked up after we return from lunch. Registration for the contest is required, and they are limiting it to 20 contestants.

Who may participate: All pilots are welcome. Student pilots are welcome to fly with an instructor.


Objective: Participating pilots will be judged on three landings. The pilot with the highest total score wins the contest. Scoring is based on how well each landing meets the criteria for a Short Field Approach and Landing as defined in the

FAA Private Pilot Airman Certification Standards:

  • Maintain a stabilized approach airspeed to a safe maneuvering altitude

  • Make smooth, timely and correct control application during the round out and touchdown

  • Touch down smoothly at an appropriate airspeed

  • Touch down within the available runway, at or within 200 feet beyond the specified point, threshold markings or runway numbers, with no side drift, minimum float, and with the airplane’s longitudinal axis aligned with and over the runway center line

  • Maintain crosswind correction and directional control throughout the approach and landing sequence, as required

  • Execute a safe and timely go-around decision when the approach cannot be made within the tolerances specified above or for any other condition that may result in an unsafe approach or landing

  • Apply brakes as necessary, to stop in the shortest distance consistent with safety


The “specified point” of landing will be the runway numbers. The first two landings may be touch-and-go’s, and scored based on where the main wheels touch down. The third landing must be to a full stop, meaning that the pilot will land and exit the runway at the next available taxiway. It is not necessary to brake and come to a complete stop before exiting the runway.


Technical Points are awarded as follows:

0 = touches down short of landing point

1 = touches down within 400 feet of landing point

2 = touches down within 200 feet of landing point

3 = touches down within 100 feet of landing point

4 = touches down on the landing point

Style Points (0-4 per landing) may be awarded at the judges’ discretion when a pilot uses various techniques to achieve the objective. These may include a forward slip, an approach at full idle, or for pilots of tailwheel aircraft, a three-point landing. Style Points may also be awarded for excellent crosswind technique.



  1. Craig Tower will conduct normal operations during the contest. Tower staff are not responsible for any aspect of the contest. Contest participants should not expect to receive any priority in the traffic pattern.

  2. Contest volunteers will be on the field with handheld radios tuned to the appropriate frequency, to allow them to communicate with Craig Tower or Ground as needed.

  3. Pilots will be assigned start times in order to ensure that no more than 3 participating aircraft are in the pattern at any given time.

  4. Go-arounds should be performed anytime a safe landing cannot be executed. However, to ensure that everyone who participates has a reasonable opportunity to complete their three landings within the available timeframe of the contest, if a second go-around is performed, the pilot’s turn in the contest will be considered over and no further landings will be scored.

  5. The contest will be terminated if the crosswind component exceeds 10 knots and/or the total wind, including gusts, exceeds 20 knots.

  6. All participating pilots MUST attend a Safety Briefing conducted by contest organizers. If a student pilot is participating, the student’s instructor must also be present during the briefing.


(Note: All participants must register. Participation limited to the first 20 signups. Additional signups will be wait listed and added if slots become available. Participation is at the sole discretion of the organizers)



1st Prize — $100 cash

2nd Prize — $50 cash

3rd Prize — $25 cash

CRG Tower Award for Best In Show — $10 Dunkin' Donuts Gift Card


Everyone who participates gets a T-shirt and lunch

Saturday, April 7

(Weather Alternate Date: Saturday, April 21)

8:00 - 8:30 am — Safety Briefing

8:30 - 9 am — Preflight and Staging

9:00 am - 12:00 pm — Contest Flights

1:00 pm — Awards Ceremony

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